BAST Method


The BAST (British Academy of Sound Therapy) method uses Sound plus Reflection. Certain sounds relax and research shows techniques we use can facilitate deep relaxation similar to deep meditation, during which the person may get deeper emotional and psychological insight into what’s going on in their health and well being.

We work in a Person-centred way – the person who knows best about your process is you. We hold a space for you to experience, explore and reflect and we use the model of the 5Rs Resonance, Resistance, Reflection, Responsibility, Release to help understand that process.

Sound frequencies interact with the system, affecting similar frequencies and Resonating. This may be experienced positively – warmth or expansion for example and has potential for self-recognition. If something resonates that is experienced negatively we call that Resistance, this however is seen as a good thing – sound is having an effect and therefore has the potential for Release. It is in the Resistance that we can focus for the most learning and insight. Reflection on our process holds the potential for learning and self awareness and learning to take full Responsibility for our own process is empowering, holding the potential for transformation.