“I had a course of 4 sessions with Naomy. She was brilliant, patient and understanding. She explores what you want for a session for me was relaxation and she aims to deliver. My experiences were relaxing and enlightening. I would definitely recommend her”

“I am making remarkably good progress in my recovery thank you.
So much so that I have a tendency to overdo things and then set myself back a bit ( an old pattern of mine! ).
I saw my surgeon last Friday and he says I have confused the medical team as the biopsies they took in January were grade 3 ( fast growing and aggressive ) wheras the actual tumours they removed were just grade 1( the lowest grade and much less of a danger! ) . They are mystified how this happened but I truly believe the work we did,  the homoeopathy and the work I did on changing how I handled the fear all helped refuce the potency of the cancer…..So it is all looking good.
Big hugs and thanks for the part you played in helping bring this about.
Bless you Naomy. ” R.H.

“And also to say how much I enjoyed the Therapeutic Voicework.. I found it very calming and very freeing, and although I can’t put my finger on what specifically has changed and at times I still feel stressed out, I’m finding that I can bring myself back to a calmer, quieter state with the breathing exercises and the chanting.  I don’t get so het up as I used to about things I haven’t done yet, and I am more gentle with other people (something I used to be until ‘they’ told me that I was too unassertive and I tried to mask my unassertiveness). I have bought Lyz Cooper’s book ‘Sounding the Mind of God’, have read quite a bit, and I have bought a singing bowl, which I absolutely love!  It perfectly cleanses my mood, stress, worry, whatever is bothering me.  It’s like being bathed in a gentle, warm stream of water for the soul.  I find that I listen to silence now, and I no longer ‘hear’ the command that I should do more, achieve more, be more.  That in itself is very freeing for me. I will never forgot sitting on the floor and being sung a love song.  What a beautiful, harmonious, trusting experience.  It brought tears to my eyes. I love what you are doing.  Thank you so very much.” E.S.

“My first encounter with Naomi was as a nervous singer who desperately wanted to join a choir, but did not have the courage to do so approx. 3/4 years ago.  I have since joined three choirs and it has been an on-going hobby that has helped my health and confidence.  During the last two years I have attended a number of Naomy’s work shops…I have never experienced anything like this before and this has been  the case for the others in the workshop.  It has been amazing the sounds/music that we have all produced…Namoy also did a four weekly individual session with me at my own home.These four weeks are very precious to me as Naomy helped my through a very difficult bereavement that happened the week before Naomy started her sessions.  Naomy often went over her time and she never made me feel that I was delaying her.  Not only the amazing drumming therapy and the relaxing affect it had on me, but her incredible patience and understanding will stay with me for ever.” Mary H.

 “I found all four of your sound-massage sessions extremely helpful in finding relief from the anxiety problems I seem to have been left with following quite a traumatic episode in my life. Problems that also included tinnitus, digestive and sleeping problems. I felt that you yourself had both a professional attitude and amenable personality, together with a patient, thoughtful and considerate approach that helped me feel relaxed and open to express how I felt throughout all four of the sessions. The regular beat of the ‘drums’ led me to an extremely deep meditative state and I experienced what I felt to be the clearance of certain energy ‘blockages’ around the upper body/head area, especially with the last 2 sessions as I felt myself becoming more ‘in tune’ with the work. I also loved the ‘rattles’ at the end, which I felt also gave me a general overall ‘clean-out’. All four sessions left me feeling refreshed and uplifted.  My generally shallow breathing also deepened considerably throughout the sessions and has stayed with me since…As far as results are concerned, other than feeling extremely relaxed and uplifted after each session, the main longer-term effects have been on my sleep patterns. They have been much more regular since starting Sound Therapy.  I am now starting to sleep a full 6-7 hours a night (most nights) whereas before I’d either find it hard to get to sleep until 2-3 am in the morning or I’d fall asleep and wake up after 3-4 hours, finding it difficult to get back to sleep again. I also felt relief from tinnitus after a couple of the sessions and it seems to be generally milder overall. I am also continuing to practice on the ‘drumming’ exercise you gave me to do at home and I find it helps me calm down and offer relief from bouts of anxiety. Overall I feel that Sound Therapy in itself has opened new doors for me and is definitely something I would like to explore further.” L.M.

“I found the sessions very relaxing overall.  It was good to reflect on how I was feeling physically, mentally and emotionally as most of the time, I don’t think so carefully about these things, even if I have a basic awareness.  I really enjoyed the passive sessions – they were deeply relaxing.  The vocal activities/breathing exercises were really useful both to relieve anxiety/tension and also to support my singing/performance…I found you to be an exceptional listener – very attentive and also reflective…I found you very calm, intuitive, I felt held by you in the sessions and also fun…Thank you so, so much for having me in the sessions – it truly was a very positive experience for me.” A.C

“Before I started the sessions, I was a bit sceptical that it would work but I also really hoped it would. From the first session, in fact maybe most in the first session, I realised that it definitely DID work. I don’t really know how to explain what experienced but it was very powerful…Paired with the before and after talks and then the sound, I was amazed that I was able to realise things about myself and things I felt.   The timing of the sessions was perfect as I was extremely stressed at work and then I was leaving to move to France. I was feeling a lot of nervous, anxious and negative emotions.  I was feeling like a completely different person that I’d been and not someone I wanted to be. This was all grating on me along with a few other family issues and I found that I was watching myself become quite a negative and snappy person which was not only making me feel bad about myself but affecting relationships with people around me. The sessions not only helped me isolate and deal with the emotions that came with all of this but it gave me time for myself in the week to focus on myself, prepare myself for change and relax…Now I am in France and feeling very positive and although I still feel anxious, I have realised where I’m feeling this and I’m able to cope with it better along with some breathing exercises. It’s strange because I’ve always been confused as to what this feeling in my back was and I had researched it but I never could work out what it was -Naomy has…Naomy amazed me with the skills she has with her voice, some of the things she did I didn’t even know was humanly possible!…I honestly think that these sessions have very much helped me and I’m very grateful.” L. G.

“The last passive session I felt was really beneficial…I felt a very satisfying sense of relaxation all over, really marked, not at all sleepy relaxed, but in a light and energising way.  Also the specific areas worked on, like my feet(which usually hurt a lot) felt great (and to be honest they’ve not felt very sore since – though I haven’t been on them for long periods since), so maybe there has been a lasting impact there.  I sure hope so,  Also the focus was to improve my energy levels and it certainly did that for that day at least. The non-passive therapy was interesting.  I can see the principle of how it works.  I feel that it is a tool (s) I can use as and when I need to, to shift a vibration be it emotional, physical or mental and though I haven’t tried it for extended periods I think it has had a positive effect (though need to practice more to be really sure). Although this form of therapy feels a bit ‘out there’ it seem like some almost lost form of therapy is now being reclaimed, but with a modern framework. I really thank you for the experience.” Deborah W.

“All is good, it has been a most enjoyable and rewarding experience.  I have developed new ways to relax and gain some valuable knowledge on ways to warm up the body and voice, which I have used and incorporated where applicable into my own practices and those which I teach.  You are a pleasure to work with, very patient, kind and understanding.  I never once felt uncomfortable in your presence as you quickly put me at ease. Your voice is very calming and the only difficult part to the sessions were trying not to sleep from the relaxed state that you had helped me to acquire.
 I enjoyed practicing the new found movements and voice exercises after each session, listening and feeling to how my body and voice felt during and after, giving me a greater body awareness and attunement.  Definitely an experience to recommend to others.” D. H.

“I enjoyed being a case study for Naomy and found the drum therapy sessions to be a very positive and beneficial experience. I was handled in a professional and caring manner. Consultations were thorough and I felt heard and safe. She took care to understand my individual needs and translate them to ensure that the most beneficial rhythms were selected. With each treatment being tailored to how I presented that week. Clear explanation of what would happen during each treatment was given. The treatments helped reduce my anxiety, enhance my body awareness/mindfulness and experience a greater sense of inner peace. Feedback opportunities for treatment experience were given directly after receiving drum therapy. Additionally there were suggestions of self-help tools/techniques for me to use in between our sessions. These I found very useful. They helped with anxiety reduction and deepen the effectiveness of our work together.” D. R.

“I was a little dubious about volunteering to be a casestudy as I am very shy about using my voice (other than talking) when I can be heard by others, although I enjoy solitary singing in the car but am very self conscious if people are around. But realising this & wanting to be more confident with my voice I undertook 4 sessions with Naomy.  For me the most difficult part was on our first meeting when I was invited to speak jibberish; as I had no instruction to follow & the noises I made were just to come from me! Naomy helped me with this by joining in & helping me to get started. I found her very easy to confide in & talk openly & honestly what was going on for me. After this session I had the ability to report a long term ongoing issue of neglected ponies that I’d not had the courage to do before, fearing repercussions.  During the course of the sessions I found the ability to express my irritation to a family member when normally I’d of seethed inside & pretended I was fine & I answered back when I was told off by an authority figure (although I still felt terribley ashamed, I acknowledged I was angry too & voiced my discontent! ) 
There were some sounds that I made that triggered me to recount a traumatic episode in my life when I’d had some healing through a series of sound baths a few years ago, which accessed the pain & sadness of that time. Naomy gave me some sound tools to help with the grief & aid healing my heart to take with me for future use as & when the need arises.
I feel very grateful for having experienced an introduction to voicework  & have benefited from Naomy’s gentle guidance & support as I struggled to use my voice & allowed myself to be heard.” B.G.

“I very much enjoyed my course of treatments, I found them beneficial for relaxation and de-stressing as well as helping to alleviate the discomfort in my joints.  The homework was also helpful as it was easy to do and could be fitted around my daily routine.  I found Naomi to be very  professional and patient as with the previous workshops I have attended which were run by her.” Anna

“I really enjoyed being a case study for Naomy and found the voice therapy sessions highly beneficial experience. Naomy took time and care to understand my therapeutic needs and tailor the therapy sessions accordingly. She took a detailed history and explained clearly what would happen during each session. The treatments were extremely relaxing, resonated with my emotional states of imbalance, helped to deepen my sense of self connection and the energetically blocked areas of my body and encouraged therapeutic release. This assisted in reducing my anxiety and move towards a greater sense of internal peace.  Suggestions of techniques that I could use by myself between our session were given. I found these very useful and they helped enchance the positive effect of the therapy sessions. Thank you Naomy.” Donna R.

“Wow such an interesting way to work with your beautiful  voice. …it felt like I was in a prizium of pure blessings of sound I felt relaxed an able to explore in a safe place.All what we had spoken about before hand felt a million miles away after the session had finished .It is something I feel I would like to continue  with an will never leave me  it’s a life’s journey to find these true an special  moments with someone that really cares about her work .thank u  natasha”

“I have always found Naomy to be such a warm, kind, knowledgeable, confident, capable and accommodating person. Her approach to her work is fun, interesting, flexible, and committed. I LOVED working with Naomy, and found I was instantly, and instinctively able to trust her with some very difficult domestic violence issues I had survived, and that arose during our sessions. I entered into this as a fairly recent casual singer, with curiosity, an open mind and thoughts that I was helping Naomy, so it came as quite a wonderful surprise to me that Naomy was able to help me on such a deep level of healing. I felt her gentle presence remained loving, caring and nurturing throughout our work together, no matter what we both faced. I felt Naomy was with me all the time, for as long as was needed. For this I am truly grateful. Her presence was steadfast and her expert knowledge of sounds and exercises for me to work through in order to heal from serious abuse issues was and is profound.
My experience has been remarkable, it took me into places in my, 50 years young, body I didn’t even know existed and into some very dark times in my life, in a really safe way, which with Naomy’s guidance I was quickly able to work through, in a significant beneficial way. I felt I could do this because of the type of person Naomy is and the immediate trust I had of her and her work (amazing as trust has been a difficult concept for me). Any support I felt I needed she was able to give me, which has led to me feeling confident enough to carry on her excellent work, as and when I can, with in time the aim of clearing up any remaining issues…
Thank you so much Naomy.
I look forward to working with you for maintenance & pleasure in the future…
Smiles. H.J.”

What people have said about Voicebaths:

‘Completely new experience for me but Naomy explained it very well’.
‘Resolution of long standing personal difficulty’
‘Very relaxing ‘
‘Time to relax to be able to reflect on what is important in my life’
‘Naomy has a lovely holding and facilitating manner’
‘I had an interesting experience of visual images’
‘Confidence to want to explore further’
‘Felt really relaxed and refreshed’
‘Understanding how sound can induce deep relaxation. Encouraging meditation’
‘A new experience that stayed with me. I will do this again’

What people have said about Therapeutic workshops:

‘Really well held’
‘Very good’
‘Found all of the work amazing’
‘The power of sound for healing
‘I didn’t know what to expect but found the whole experience amazing’

What people have said about Voicescapes:

‘Reminder of how much I love using my voice’
‘Wonderful unique and enjoyful event’
‘Great fun really enjoyed’
‘Creative expression’
‘Thought provoking’
‘Felt really relaxed and refreshed’
‘Very good’

What people have said about Improvisation:

‘Gentle and supportive…different, easier and better than I expected’
‘Very good’
‘Loved it’
‘Naomy always gives clear and guided facilitation’

What people have said about Narrative work:

‘Feel relief of the blocked area.  It helped me to recognise and release trapped / suppressed emotions – v. effective’
‘Understanding…different way of moving forward from difficulties’
‘Much enjoyed and therapeutical’
‘Hidden fear ID so can address it / feel it so it’s not such a hindrance’
‘Lovely spaceholding and presence from Naomy. Wonderful, really lovely energy and awareness. The process felt very useful to me’